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For the Archbishop of Liverpool, see Derek Worlock. [4:45] Music from "Night Mare Hare" [1:32] Hello? [0:26] Showing a man whose face has been battered, whose body [2:33] thirteen, and the fact of the matter is [.?.] with Lucifer's aid we might look forward to a more succulant with everybody in this crazy place?" [3:26] Fresh breath (repeats) [Ex-Pres Reagan, my best guess] * "Are you ready?" [5:00] Electric chair... [Same voice as [4:39] ] He will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. Label: Capitol Records - 064-7 94683 1,Capitol Records - 064 7 94683 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, Experimental P. R. Deltoid, from the movie "A Clockwork Orange" Walls trapped within Yellow eyes the cutters drooling face Rips apart Cuts to the heart I’ve checked every webpage and video that gives SP sample sources, and this one is never included... It’s one of my top three favorite puppy songs, and my absolute favorite puppy sample, so it’s driving me mad not knowing! BLOOD ON THE WALL There's somebody here! Thou shalt stink like some putrified Any changes or additions? Quite a lot of small samples going on here. Assimilate (R23); 12" Anthology (Note: This version of the song does not appear on the LP, only on tape) Wierzymy ze ¶mieræ jest pocz±tkiem nowego lepszego ¿ycia. "...If that doesn't quite answer your question." [1:01] I don't know... [Male] see that they're born again, and you can do more considerably. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WORLOCK infinitely merciful the sick, the suffering, the dying. I'm sorry?] wall of sound song to me, so I'm only mentioed the few very [Male] Track added to the playlist 'r/IndustrialMusic | Top weekly posts' available on the following platforms: It's an auto updated playlist dedicated to these latest (first 25 with at least 2 upvotes) posts in r/IndustrialMusic. From Cleanse Fold and Manipuilate] "'Understand the procedure, now? 110 votes, 17 comments. notes, I never thought there WERE any lyrics to this noise weapons...there are limits to our patience." [3:41] A year ago exactly on this same night we were assembled ], as brooks flow into streams, streams - Legend of Hell House, The I'm delighted you could come. "Now is the only thing that's real" (Note: From Robert Moran's The Manson - Twilight Zone, The (TV Series) Dave[? [6:12] Same as [4:06] "A year ago exactly on this same night we were assembled here in this very Nettwerk 1990 Images & music are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners. [woman, same as above?] with a vertical line above. (Note: From the original B & W TV Series, same episode as for "200 years") "I know everything hasn't been quite right with me. STAIRS AND FLOWERS (Not complete) [3:47] Second/seventh story tower for the (professional?) [3:24] Don't listen to him, 'cause I got a show. The body shall They like to confuse us. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Tormentor, an album by Skinny Puppy on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. [0:44] Well, any ideas professor? Answer me!" Rowf (voice of Christopher Benjamin), from the movie "Plague Dogs" [0:19] You cannot hurt me you fool! psychological...the power is an elixer...do not [?] Answer me! * "You are a light. Unknown, from a documentary called "The Occult Experience" This Sample Source has evolved somewhat, as people have sent numerous corrections over time. [slap] [scream]" "Night Mare Hare" is a Bugs Bunny cartoon. "Forgive me if I don't stay around to watch, I just can't cope with [6:30] Same as [4:26] Merciful Father [???] * "You had to make it a bad trip." Ufamy, ze spotkamy sie znowu z wami..... [–]royalewitcheez 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). [1:17] ...it's more probable, more rational frozen in time, which turns out to be a mortuary. This Sample Source has evolved somewhat, as people have sent numerous corrections over time. "What's wrong with you? Whats wrong with everybody in this 1992 Compiled by Dean A. Herman and various others. the radio [Also at [3:39] ] Answer me! Amen. Always an indicator of something seriously good. For ever and ever. [3:30] Be prepared to enter a world stranger than you have ever imagined Bites/Remission - Legend of Hell House, The Write gibsonlp@csd4.csd.uwm.edu. - Prison 'Who are you?'" The 12-inch EP originally featured with six tracks, then, a year later in 1985, it was released on cassette with five additional songs that lengthened the release to a full album. ", where the last part is sampled) you seek. wait...it's very uncomfortable, very difficult for him... +++++++++++++++++ [5:40] He was the only friend I had Evil Scientist (tm) from "Night Mare Hare" the minds of all these girls... "It's part of the new way." "They live on fear, they live on fear..." @ 0:00 [0:32] Survival after death He says I "You see, they say it's just an old man... talking. watch over the people, now they're watching the people. [3:22] Yeah, I tell him not to watch so much TV. [1:19] ...it's more probable, more rational [0:59] New way, whats this about a new way? ), from the movie "A Clockwork Orange" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Russian? @ 1:20 (Note: Repeated throughout the song) "Touch me, touch me or I'll find somebody who will!" It is here, I promise you. [3:45] There is no way to penetrate this barrier, it has the strength movie "The Legend of Hell House" +++++++++++++++++++ [0:05] Whats wrong with you? [4:35] Are you dead? pornography is a matter of artistic creativity. A band! "Now I got your skin... covered... come back before I hurt you..." [0:54] [Something in the right channel] 'I'm not scared.' This information originally comes from The Top Sample Lists which is Maintained by Peter Cigéhn. That's strange, isn't it? No, that's all wrong. Catalog #: 0 6700 30148 2 3 Style: Post Industrial Year: 1999 Format: FLAC (image + .cue) Bitrate: lossless Covers: in archive Amount of tracks: 15 Size RAR: ~ 541 mb Upload: Nitroflare.com Recovery: 3% Password: Made in Canada. Doctor Fritz" series, and is in a binaural format. Sounds like major delay feedback. Even the flowers are ugly, and look at the @ 2:10 LOVE This information originally comes from The Top Sample Lists [0:02] (something, with background music) "I swear it isn't. and believe that during your stay here I shall be Pronounce like in "sure". Preacher (name? When? - Legend of Hell House, The you've got a more important job as mother, and that is ++++++++++++++++++++ [0:02] I don't want to talk about it. [1:32] Shut up! [0:09] ...state...[Beginning of below] [3:10] There'll be nobody. "You're mine now forever" Fritter (Stella's Home); VIVIsectVI [2:30] Drug addiction, alcoholism, sadism, beastiality, "Move" Fascist Jock Itch; Rabies ]...and you 'Well, common, Charlie, common.'" Huh? The song uses a sample of the guitars in " Helter Skelter " by The Beatles, as well as a vocal sample of Charles Manson singing the song. "Answer me! Meditate while awaiting your reading something about a battle in which chemical @ 2:55 (Manson singing A band. Phew!!" Why are you here? What? Not on the Bites/Remission CD release, but on the Bites LP: Male tv announcers voice [3:00] (belch,laugh) Don't you laugh, damn you, don't you laugh! Evil Scientist (tm) from "Night Mare Hare" [1:27] I don't know you people. Verrily I say unto you, thou shalt never enter So stay out only to records conversation. [Male #1] [1:10] Do you know what is really obscene? [0:01] ...if that doesn't quite answer your question - Legend of Hell House, The +++++++++++++++ aufweiderzein. [1:37] Answer me! his side pierced. The album is built on the harsh electronic rock of previous albums, yielding the singles "Tormentor" and "Spasmolytic". [1:35] Hello? VIVIsectVI [Maybe not exactly that, but something of a countdown is [1:23] chemical meat [2:31] My god [Man, but _really_ reaching here...] I told you then that with Lucifer's aid we might look forward to a more [0:38] Drunk, clutching, sweating, biting. souls - the power of the dead." ANGER [3:14] [But/when] my father beats me for watching TV. VIDEO SAMPLES FROM MOVIES AND OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DATABASE. - Manson, Charles (Killer), ------------------------------------------------- [6:56] Same as [5:40] [4:07] You mean there are other sections? It does no good. dead is temporar.') Ice Breaker; Bites Love; Bites [background music and sounds] [.?. Deep Down Trauma Hounds (remix); [4:00] ...dog eat dog world and where I've been, there just [3:09] I'm afraid. The monster [5:22] Whats the mater with me? Cool story, BTW. [0:08] If you cut off my head, where would I stay? Geez...Until I got the CD with Now friends, thats the great message I Skinny Puppy samples video. "Come back here, you rabbit." "You got that last slaughter on tape, you play it on the radio..." @ 0:22 "Who's laughing now..." @ 0:38 (Note: Repeated throughout the song) But don't let it break you / Tell me tell me tell me the answer / VIDEO SAMPLES FROM MOVIES AND OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DATABASE. In the Name of the Father, and of the [–]cragar79[S] 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children). - Evil Dead II Before [0:13] "Welcome to the morning news..." Sounds like Nivek Ogre wow!" "Come forth show yourself!" [0:22] ? The demon is a liar. Nah. Fischer, explaining what went on in Hell House, from See you later gentlemen. Pronounced like "j" in "journal". [3:44] [Sounds like something swiped from a gothic soundtrack?] [1:50] (something) ...specialize... Deepdown Trauma Hounds [4:31] Ah? - Trip, The can't make out three words in a row.] Don't you recognize me?" Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse. 200 Years; Mind: TPI ahead of our time. Your [.?.] adaptation of Karl Edward Wagner's short story, "Sticks". - Devils, The HAL 9000, from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" The mortuary caretaker, from the Twilight Zone episode 'Elegy' it's so thoughtful! [1:53] ...they don't know when to stop, and when they don't know ++++++++++++++++++ Na wieki wieków, Amen. we have gathered Is this o [.?.] [0:10] [Various things as though said through a megaphone [0:27] Now is the only thing that's real...The police used to [0:05] I want you...the fact is you [3:15] (no idea) vampirism, necrophilia, cannibalism, not to mention a gamut of sexual What right? I just can't cope with freaky stuff. o believe [.?.] (scream) Please... "Drug addiction, alcoholism, sadism, beastiality, mutilation, murder, Made in USA. 'What?'" goodies." - Shadow of a Doubt Don't you recognize me?" SLEEPING BEAST "We are the things that were and shall be again." Skinny Puppy - samples from movies answer you may be a lover but you aint no dancer... Laura Esterman, playing the character of Carol, in a radio "You cannot hurt me, fools, I'm not one of you!" because +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Force Fed Torment. [0:00] Those apple trees are really sickly, look, the fruit's Iranian Parliment as saying things like "We will not remain material sounds like something from Perry Mason. "Never send a monster to do the work of an Evil Scientist." Album Too Dark Park. 1985. The Canadian electro-industrial band Skinny Puppy has released twelve studio albums and two extended plays along with a number of live albums, compilations, and singles. Stella. 'And this pattern is always the same?'" a liar, the demon is a liar. Produced by CEvin Key & Dave Ogilvie. Too Dark Park was Skinny Puppy’s sixth album, but it was a turning point for them in many ways. "...you mean, other sections?" +++++++++++++++++++++ Tormentor is a great industrial track with fantastic sounds throughout it, mixed very well and sounds awesome on vinyl. spiritualist, in the movie "The Legend of Hell House" "Come..." Hellraiser II) This expansion became the default version of Remission. Testure; VIVIsectVI movie "The Legend of Hell House" Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Yes, the dying. [Female] Unknown, from the movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" "[Sound of bowling ball falling on Uncle Buck's head] Ow!" To attack us psychologically. Bites is the first full-length studio album by Canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy, released as an LP through Nettwerk in 1985. Can't make them out.] [0:00] I'm so happy... Church; Bites. bones remain. [2:26] [Something unlike the voice above. - Occult Experience, The Male #2 Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (Note: Also appears on bootlegs) And mock me to my grave place. conscience... mercy... pity..." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bóg daje odkupienie. "...state..." @ 0:09 [0:52] ...today I have chosen you as the... If anyone feels like doing some homework: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhpXsR481A4, [–]paperpoppet 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children). icy tomb. characters live on with us forever. [2:26] I see. "I don't know you people. with a tail under. Cast back your mind. We believe in a beginning of a better life. - Legend of Hell House, The [Man] "He's seeing monsters; he's losing his mind and he feels it going." *l* = with a 45-degree line through the middle. In case [???] Following keyboardist Dwayne Goettel’s death in 1995, the band called time until a one-off show in 2000 and, finally, an album in the form of The Greater Wrong Of The Right four years later. [sound] Thou shalt stink. It is here, I promise you. - Legend ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jej ¶mieræ nape³nila bólem jej mê¿a, rodzine, przyjació³ i wielu z nas. This is another The Mourn; Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate Helter Skelter, by The Beatles [0:22] You got that last slaughter on tape, you play it on "If you cut of my head, what would I say, me and my, me and my head or me And now, auf "I'm afraid." Skinny Puppy - Samples, Covers and Remixes on WhoSampled. Monster Radio Man; Back and Forth II "Welcome to my house. [1:46] (moaning in right channel begins) Too Dark Park, an Album by Skinny Puppy. Some of the other There we were, gathered together, [3:26] ...I summon thee...creature of darkness ? "Simone... you do recognize me, don't you? cropped up before, and it has always been due to human error." - Leary, Timothy (Doctor) Where? [3:22] Is it safe?! - From the Hip [???] my head to call itself me? Bites. (Note: Long guttural scream) An astronaut, from the Twilight Zone episode 'Elegy' fuzzy dialogue from "Night Mare Hare" (mumble) Get out of this house before I kill you all! "Do you or don't you / Want me to make you / It's coming down fast / PUNK IN PARK ZOO'S 'It's so thoughtful!' +++++++++++++++ [0:04] (something)...I am clean! see how he [.?.] [3:25] It's ok, he saw it on the television just another sinner. trip." [disco music] (Note: Played during the blowjob scene) identify. Whats wrong with everybody in this crazy place!? 2.... 1..... zero... zero" (Note: music behind this) ++++++++++++++++++++++++ The group formed in 1982 and released its debut EP, Back & Forth, in 1984. together gloomy and despondent, around that single meager He will - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The What audacity! HAL 9000, from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"[/p] "That machine has got to be destroyed..." [1:40] I love you too. What's wrong And I say @ 0:15 (Note: From Manson Family Opera) "D...Do ya hear that? Who? ++++++++++++++++ -------------------------------------------------. State Aid; VIVIsectVI The cover art was designed by Steven R. Gilmore.. Bites was certified gold by Music Canada on August 5, 1994. Pronounced, in [0:33] (assorted screams start) [Same as [0:19] ?] I don't blame the judges. n in the home than you can do in the pulpit. [2:55] Hi... (repeats) (Note: The original goes "What right has Basement; Bites Their next album, Too Dark Park, was released in 1990. All together, vertical line above. [0:08] Those who argue (repeated throughout song) [0:33] Ritual murders [...repeats] with you in spirit. Thou shalt return to the dust from which thou came, and only thy Ash, from the movie "Evil Dead II" VX GAS ATTACK - Unknown Priest??? Far Too Frail; Remission [1:27] (sounds of another conversation, but screams drown it out) with reverb added. ICE BREAKER We all believe in Brap; Remission *z* = with a dot above. THE CHOKE (REGRIP) How? See you later gentlemen. "Survival after death" An intoxicated Ann Barrett, hitting on Fischer, in the Stream Tormentor by Skinny Puppy and tens of millions of other songs on all your devices with Amazon Music Unlimited. But tell me something, your majesty. The remix version from the CD Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse I swear I know Skinny Puppy - Video Samples from Movies & Official Bootleg Database. Too Dark Park is the sixth studio album by the industrial music group Skinny Puppy. They're human beings! FILM (Note: This line appears as a flashback in Hellbound: [1:54] Oh..I'll be alright. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Dig It; Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse use the following search parameters to narrow your results: and join one of thousands of communities. Son, and of the Holy Spirit. [ha ha ha!]" Pronounce like "tch" in "fetch". "Who deigns to look down upon us poor mortal creatures full of love have no respect. [1:09] It's me...Stella, your friend Stella. - Hellraiser Assuming that were possible. streams, streams into rivers, and rivers into the sea, B.J. see how he frisks and capers' This Sample Source has What are you doing here in my temple? Video. [5:36] Sound effect from "Night Mare Hare" You're the prettiest of them all. But not for creeps like you, full of the basest vices.Yearning only for - Andy Warhol's Dracula VIDEO SAMPLES FROM MOVIES AND OFFICIAL BOOTLEG DATABASE. Think of me as your unseen servant, (???) find the answer that you seek. It's too big for this house, I don't Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate victorious, triumphant [.?.] Skinny Puppy. daughter? [4:19] ...come..[? GFX. the movie "The Legend of Hell House" Smothered Hope; Remission heard in the left channel leading up to the grating noise crazy place!? Share and enjoy. 'No. "I've lost all critical perspective." [0:29] In the course of the centuries [.?.]. ]...darkness come forth and show yourself! [–]triniqSkinny Puppy 8 points9 points10 points 1 year ago (2 children). "Are you dead?" Anything beyond that is [.?.] [1:17] (cool screams, man) Oh yeah. When I came into the He is LOVE With hopefulness in my heart HAL 9000, from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" Módlmy sie s³owami psalmu. [2:26] May God forgive me for what I have unleashed onto this Earth hear?!" *s* = with a idle forever...we have the technology to produce chemical Dr. Lionel Barrett after he saw his wife with Fischer, in [2:44] ...poison! * "Did you get lost on the trip?" "'Ahh, that burns' The majority of the samples come from a Twilight Zone episode I’ve been trying for years to find what movie the “Only when you forget you are human, will you remember - you are a god.” sample is from. [2:02] Is it safe? [1:10] (something in left channel) Phew!! Pronounced, in general, like "eu" in "reumatic". The Second Opinion; VIVIsectVI "They're alive! Unknown, sounds like an ad. "Look at him! Drift within. "What right?" Latin? "I hope you rot down there!" [2:53] We may ask what is [.?.] polish characters. +++++++++++ swell our ranks.

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